Environmentally Sustainable Pack (ESP)

Visualize a Sustainable Future with ESP

Save time, lab space and minimize your lab’s environmental footprint with our ESP™. Its clever patented design allows you to:

  • Reload 10 trays in as little as 90 seconds
  • Half the space needed to store your inventory
  • Slash plastic waste by 90%

Our ESP reloading system will spare you the hassle of loading bulk tips and the cost of loading racks. They are:

  • Compatible with more tip trays than any other system on the market
  • Available in pre- or non-sterile formats
  • Available in standard and filtered pipette tip format

Overview of Environmentally Sustainable Pack System – PDF

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Follow these instructions for an easy reloading experience:

Step 1


Pinch tabs to remove empty snapcard

Step 2


Easily remove refill of tips by grabbing the functional tabs

Step 3


Insert refill into your empty tray. You will hear a click when the snapcard is secured.