The Optimus Rack

Same superior tip. New upgraded rack.

Neptune is being upgraded to the new, easy to use Optimus Rack. It’s redesigned structure and  increased functionality gives you a seamless workflow inside the lab.

Using ESP Reloads? You will need new compatible empty racks with this upgrade. Request them here 

Learn more about the new benefits of the Optimus Rack below!



Secured Tips

The locking clasp clicks to ensure the rack is securely closed

giving you peace of mind when transporting or storing opened racks.

The rack is designed to withstand multiple drops off a lab bench,

and to lock or unlock with one hand.




Double Ball Hinge

The reinforced hinge design survives multiple trips through the autoclave

and opens a full 180 degrees for convenient multichannel pipetting.



Structural Support

A ribbing network is built into the base and snapcard to create a stable

platform for multichannel pipetting, giving you secure

seals on each channel.




Stable Corners

Redesigned base has a larger footprint (SBS) allowing

you to pipette of the corners without the tipping the rack



Functional Tabs

The snapcards have functional lift tabs that click when the

snapcard is secured on the base. These tabs allow you to

easily transfer refills from your ESP reloads one handed.






Environmentally Conscious

The Optimus Rack is manufactured with 1/3 less plastic

than leading competitor racks while providing top

functionality and strength.