Tips Specification Sheets

To view the specifications of any Manual or ALH/Robotic pipette tips, please select from the list below. To view the specifications of any other products, you can find them on their respective product page:

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Manual Tips:

2 μl pipette tips
Chem-Resin: M-0002-9FC

10 μl pipette tips
X-Resin: M-0010-9FC, M-0010-9SC, M-0010-9RC
Chem-Resin: M-0009-9FC, M-0009-9SC, M-0009-9NC, M-0009-9NRC, M-0009-9RC

10 μl XL pipette tips
X-Resin: M-0011-9FC, M-0011-9SC, M-0011-9RC
Chem-Resin: M-0012-9FC, M-0012-9SC, M-0012-9RC

20 μl pipette tips
X-Resin: M-0020-9FC
Chem-Resin: M-0021-9FC

100 μl pipette tips
X-Resin: M-0100-9FC
Chem-Resin: M-0101-9FC

200 μl pipette tips
X-Resin: M-0200-9SC, M-0200-9RC
Chem-Resin:M-0201-9SC, M-0201-9NC, M-0200-9NRC, M-0201-9NRC, M-0201-9RC

300 µl pipette tips
X-Resin: M-0300-9FC, M-0300-9SC, M-0300-9RC
Chem-Resin: M-0301-9FC, M-0301-9SC, M-0301-9NC, M-0301-9NRC, M-0301-9RC

1250 µl pipette tips
X-Resin: M-1250-9FC96, M-1250-9SC96, M-1250-9RC
Chem-Resin: M-1251-9FC, M-1251-9SC, M-1251-9NC, M-1251-9NRC, M-1251-9RC

ALH/ Robotic Tips:

For Agilent VPrep & Bravo with 96 Head

250 µl robotic tips
Filtered: A-0250-9FC
Non-Filtered: A-0250-9NC, A-0250-9SC

For Agilent Velocity 11 VPrep & Bravo with 384 Head

15 μl robotic tips
Filtered: VB-0030-3FC

30 μl robotic tips
Non-Filtered: VB-0030-3SC

70 μl robotic tips
Filtered: VB-0071-3FC
Non-Filtered: VB-0071-3SC

For Beckman Biomek FX/NX, Multimek, AP96 & Biomek 3000

20 µl robotic tips
Filtered: BA-0020-9FC
Non-Filtered: B-0020-9NC, BA-0020-9SC

250 µl robotic tips
Filtered: BA-0250-9FC
Non-Filtered: B-0250-9NC, BA-0250-9SC

For Beckman Span-8 Liquid Sensing Head

20 µl robotic tips
Filtered: B8-0020-9FB
Non-Filtered: B8-0020-9NB, B8-0020-9SB

250 µl robotic tips
Filtered: B8-0250-9FB
Non-Filtered: B8-0250-9NB, B8-0250-9SB

For Beckman Biomek FX/NX, AP384

30 μl robotic tips
Filtered: BA-0030-3FC
Non-Filtered: BA-0030-3SC

45 μl robotic tips
Filtered: BA-0051-3FCL

50 μl robotic tips
Non-Filtered: BA-0051-3SC

For Molecular Devices FLIPR Liberty head

30 μl robotic tips
Non-Filtered: F-0030-3SC, F-0030-3SB

For Tecan Genesis, Hanging (LiHa)

20 μl robotic tips
Filtered: T-0020-9FB, T-0020-9FC
Non-Filtered: T-0020-9NB, T-0020-9SB, T-0020-9NC, T-0020-9SC

200 μl robotic tips
Filtered: T-0200-9FB, T-0200-9FC
Non-Filtered: T-0200-9NB, T-0200-9SB, T-0200-9NC, T-0200-9SC

1000 μl robotic tips
Filtered: T-1000-9FB, T-1000-9FC
Non-Filtered: T-1000-9NB, T-1000-9SB, T-1000-9NC, T-1000-9SC

For Freedom EVO Multichannel Arm

50 μl robotic tips
Filtered: TM-0050-9FC
Non-Filtered: TM-0050-9NC, TM-0050-9SC
Non-Filtered Nested 8: TM-0050-9RNC, TM-0050-9RSC
Non-Filtered Nested 4: TM-0050-9RNC-4

200 μl robotic tips
Filtered: TM-0200-9FC
Non-Filtered: TM-0200-9NC, TM-0020-9SC
Non-Filtered Nested 8: TM-0200-9RNC, TM-0200-9RSC
Non-Filtered Nested 4: TM-0200-9RNC-4

For Tecan Temo/EVO, Caliper Zephyr SPE, and BioTek

50 µl robotic tips
Non-Filtered: TT-0050-9RNC, TT-0050-9RSC

200 µl robotic tips
Non-Filtered: TT-0200-9RNC, TT-0200-9RSC